Where To Buy the Best Shade Nets in Kenya

Crop growing in open fields are prone to a wide range of challenges such as unfavorable climatic conditions, attacks from pests, birds, and animals, and exposure to diseases. For this reason, you need to add a layer of protection to keep them healthy and vibrant.

A shade net is an excellent solution to protect your plants from bad weather and provide a conducive environment for optimum growth.

Where to Buy Quality Shade Nets in Kenya

Mazero is the ideal place to buy shade nets in Kenya. We have a wide range of high-quality shade net solutions, with different sunlight filtration levels, 30%, 50%, 75%, and 90%. The prices vary depending on the percentage.

Shade nets are specialized fabrics made from lightweight knitted polythene material. These nets are designed to filter sunlight, providing varying degrees of shade to crops and plants. They protect against the harmful effects of direct sunlight, wind, rain, and pests.

Whether you need shade nets for your farm, nursery, or garden, Mazero has you covered.

    1. Shade nets % and prices

Shade net prices in Kenya can vary depending on the supplier, shading percentage, and size. At Mazero, our prices are:

Shade net %

Price per meter

Dimensions (meters)

Price Range (KES)


Ksh 75

4 x 50

16,000 – 20,000


Ksh 90

4 x 50

20,000 – 25,000


Ksh 110

4 x 50

27,000 – 32,000


Ksh 160

4 x 50

41,000 – 50,000

Shade nets are darkened using materials like;

  • Coating material

  • Whitewashing of polycarbonate

  • Special protective mesh

Why use shade nets?

Shade net farming offers numerous advantages for farmers in Kenya. But, why use shade nets? Well, here’s why

  • Protection from excessive sunlight and heat, preventing sunburn and heat stress in plants.

  • Reduction in water evaporation, conserving water resources.

  • Prevention of pests and diseases, creating a healthier growing environment.

  • Increased crop yields and improved quality.

  • Versatility for use in various agricultural applications, including nurseries, greenhouses, and open-field farming.

Factors to Consider When Buying Shade Nets

Before purchasing a shade net, you need to consider factors like;

  • Shading percentages. It should match the plant’s requirements. For instance, tender seedlings may require higher shading percentages than established ones.

  • UV treatment and durability

  • Size and dimensions

  • Color options

  • Budget considerations

  • Plant type

Shade Net Farming Tips

These tips will help you maximize the benefits of shade net farming.

1. Choose the Right Shade of Net Material

Select a material that suits the specific requirements of your crops. Consider factors like shading percentage, UV treatment, and durability.

2. Proper Installation or Support Structure

Build a strong structure to ensure proper coverage and support for the shade nets. The structure should be well-designed to provide adequate shade to your crops and withstand extreme weather conditions like strong winds and heavy rains.

It’s recommended to look for a professional like Mazero to install the nets for you.

3. Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Keep your shade nets clean and free from debris to maintain their effectiveness. Regularly inspect the nets for any damage or signs of wear and tear. Replace or repair damaged nets promptly to ensure continuous protection for your crops.

4. Monitor Environmental Conditions

Be aware of the climatic conditions in your area and adjust the shading percentage of your shade nets accordingly. For example, during the hardening stage of your crops, you may need to use a lighter shade net compared to the initial growth stage.

Wrap up

At Mazero, we provide high-quality shade nets and help you install shade net houses at prices that are within your budget. We are specialized experts in the design, installation, and maintenance of shade net houses for a wide range of commercial applications including agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, and landscaping.

Our team of professionals has the relevant expertise to help you install the structures in different ways. We offer a wide array of shade net products at competitive prices. They are easy to install and can be erected in a day.

Contact us today on 0729 777 711 to inquire more.

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