solar powered irrigation

Solar irrigation is the use of the sun’s energy to power the pump used during irrigation. In the past, solar irrigation was mostly used in areas where there was no electricity but in recent times where most people have access to electricity, solar irrigation is still being widely used both for domestic and agricultural use.

When it comes to irrigation, farmers prefer use of solar pumps other than petrol or electricity. When farmers use solar technology for watering crops and plants, it becomes simpler and cleaner. Connecting pumps to solar power is becoming common. The power produced from solar panels or any other source feeds pumps and motors in the fields.

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As a farmer who’s motivated to harvest maximum yield, it’s essential to always look for better ways of farming. One of these ways is by installing solar irrigation systems, that’s if you haven’t already. By doing so, you’ll not only be cutting down your utility costs and improving the efficiency of the irrigation systems due to energy wastage. The environment will also be spared for reasons already mentioned above. Initially, the installation of a solar irrigation system will cost you. However, you’ll be pleased with the long-term effects.

Benefits of using solar power for irrigation

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