Buying and installing shade nets

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to protect your crops from the harsh sunlight? Shade nets can provide the ideal shading that you might need!

What to consider when buying a shade net

Shade nets % and prices

30% shade net

Kes 75 per square meter

50% Shade net

Kes 90 per square meter

75% shade net

Kes 110 per square meter

90% shade net

Kes 160 per square meter

Different ways to make use of shade nets

  • Vegetable nurseries.
  • Orchards and farms, in order to protect plants from intense sunlight, as well as insects and birds.
  • It is also used for shading purposes in general, and in different colors, inside homes, exhibitions and swimming pools
  • In various maintenance works inside real estate and residential complexes, to reduce falling residues and dust.
  • Within the different packaging processes of goods, when they are shipped, whether by land, sea or air.
  • It is also an ideal material for covering sports fields; It blocks the view from the outside, and reduces the strength of the wind and the reflection of the sun.
  • It is of great importance in animal husbandry areas to protect them from extreme heat, especially during the summer.

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