Installation of irrigation systems

With the advancements in technology, drip irrigation has become a crucial component at home and on the farm. Farmers are switching to advanced systems to automate and streamline their irrigation methods. Drip irrigation saves the amount of water used and, in the process, cuts down your water bill. In drier regions, they ensure that you remain productive without depleting the available resources.

Unlike other systems, drip irrigation is cost-efficient since it uses less water and requires less labor. After switching to drip irrigation, farmers and homeowners save up to 50% on their water bills! Not to mention, you’ll also save on maintenance costs, as drip systems are long-lasting and require less maintenance.

Various irrigation systems are efficient water and nutrient delivery systems for growing crops depending on the acreage of the farm. For instance, the drip system delivers water and nutrients directly to the plant’s root zone, in the right amounts, at the right time, so each plant gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it, to grow optimally.

We major on 3 systems i.e. Drip system, Overhead system and surface system. Costing for set ups is based on the type of system, acreage of the farm, crop type, topography, available water, client’s budget and location.

Materials Used:

The fittings used may be made of two types:

  1. High Density Polyethylene: This is commonly abbreviated as HDPE OR PE. These are flexible plastic materials used in production of the pipes and fittings. The pipes comes in various quality based on the pressure they can withstand such as Pn 6, Pn 8 and so on.
  2. Polyvinyl Chloride: This is commonly referred to as PVC. This is a bit fragile compared to the HDPE. As a mitigation Trenching is done and the pipes covered to lengthen their lifespan

Irrigation equipment

Mazero Agrifood is the hub of a wide range of precision irrigation products that make world class systems. We do sell water meters, connectors & accessories, flexible & PE pipes, valves, filters, sprinklers, micro sprinklers, special emitters, drippers & drip lines and water pumps. The products are of high efficiency with quality and favorable prices.

Solar Irrigation systems

Mazero Agrifood Solar irrigation systems are a fantastic way to save money on your water bill, and they’re also great for the environment.

Our solar irrigation systems use pumps to move water through the system, we have different packages suited for different farm sizes and sources of irrigation water. With a solar irrigation system, you can keep your yard healthy and green without the hassle of dealing with power costs or having to worry about the weather.

Get Inputs, cocopeat, trays, etc

Mazero Agrifood aims at improving eco-sustainability of production in horticultural systems, reduce pest and disease incidences and increase crop yield by enhancing the incorporation of soilless media, use of organic products and seedling potting trays. Our organic products, soilless media and potting trays are all certified thus guaranteed value for your money.

Greenhouse Construction

For quite some time globally, farmers have been dealing with natural and man-made variables that have impacted production yields due climate change. This has made many resort to greenhouse and shade net farming due to the micro-climate it creates and yields in turn do speak for themselves as one is able to produce all year round.

Commercial greenhouse projects mean lower production costs as resources like water and fertilizer use are being cut down by an average of up to 40%, low risks and increased yield, while also enhancing more sustainable farming and food security.

Greenhouses can broadly be classified using two parameters

Based on Material Used:

  1. Metallic greenhouses; Galvanized round hollow sections are fabricated and covered with polythene. This greenhouses are long lasting with a lifespan of over 20 years with periodic polythene cover changes
  2. Wooden Greenhouses: The material used may be timber or round poles. The polythene cover is the same. While this is a cheaper option, it has a shorter lifespan as it is prone to termite attack and wood rot. Some of the mitigation measures against that is using treated wood and wrapping the posts in polythene cover

Based on shapes:

  1. Tunnel shaped: This greenhouses are dome shaped. They have side ventilations for ample air circulation
  2. Top air Vent: These greenhouses have a ventilation system at the top in addition to the side ventilation

Advantages of greenhouse Farming

  • All year round production( Not bound to weather conditions)
  • Higher yield per unit area
  • Lower risks of plant pests and diseases as the plants are protected from external agents
  • Requires a small piece of land to set up
  • Lower operation costs
Items Wooden Metallic
8x15m 120,000 290,000
8x24m 170,000 350,000
8x30m 190,000 385,000

Borehole drilling and services

We are one of the leading Borehole drilling contractors in Nairobi, Kenya. We have a strong management and manpower team. Our staff are all technically and professionally trained and we give all our best to all the clients who approach us. We ensure quality, customer satisfaction and we are reliable. Below are some of our services:-

  • Hydrogeological (survey) for water drilling
  • Drilling of water boreholes, dams and wells
  • Water pump installation
  • Provides water treatment services for hard water
  • After drilling services
  • Borehole flashing
  • Pump repair and installation

Shade Nets Construction

Shade net is a valuable tool that helps farmers reduce the amount of sunlight that can reach their crops. Before purchasing a shade net, you need to assess the sunlight requirements for your farm. Different crops require different levels of sunlight, so it is important to find out the sunlight requirements of the plants that you will grow. For instance, the sunlight requirements for mature trees differ from that of tender seedlings in the nurseries.

Shade nets are made from lightweight knitted polythene fabric that provides people and plants with protection from the sun. Shade cloth fabric is available in densities ranging from 50% to 90% to suit the unique needs of different types of plants, flowers and crops. It can be used with greenhouses, hoop structures and in field applications.

Additional uses include fences, windscreens and privacy barriers. Shade material is rot and mildew resistant, does not become brittle and is water permeable. It offers superior ventilation, improves light diffusion and keeps greenhouses cooler.

There are many advantages of shade net houses on your farm.

  1. Shade nets protect crops from direct sunlight, help in ensuring optimum plant growth and help in increasing crop yields.
  2. They keep pests under control, preventing them from getting into the shade net houses.
  3. They create an ideal environment for growing crops that are highly sensitive to harsh elements such as strong winds and sun rays.
  4. They minimize water loss through evaporation and hence increasing your irrigation efficiency.

Shade net houses can be used in livestock farms and orchards of fruits such as strawberries. They can also be used when growing plants such as lettuce, flowers, nurseries, legumes, spinach, and vegetables.

Mazero Agrifood is committed to give farmers the best, from quality materials to professional expertise so as to make work easier for our clients. Order your shade nets and other accessories from us today and start enjoying the benefits of a shaded crop!

Percentage Price per square meter (Ksh)
30% 75
50-55% 85
70-75% 110
90% 160

Dam lining services

Mazero Agrifood’s endgame goal is to enable farming production that is efficient and sustainable and is only possible through installation of dam liner products that prevent seepage of water (water loss) after the harvest of run off water. We sell quality dam liners that line walls and floors of reservoirs preventing rain water seepage and stores water for irrigation for longer duration thus aiding in the curbing of change in rainfall patterns and unpredictable seasons.

They come in different thickness of 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1mm.
Dam liners have different uses, such as:
– Fish pond lining
– Silage making Hydroponics agriculture
– Multi storey gardening
– As gutters in greenhouse construction
– Irrigation water storage

Thickness Price per square metre (Ksh)
0.5m 240
0.75 300
1.0mm 380

Installation of hydroponic and vertical farming systems

With agricultural technology advancement, the issue of scarcity of land is no longer a big challenge as innovative ways of maximizing production on small parcels of land are available. Mazero Agrifood tends to promote the adoption of the Hydroponic farming system and Vertical farming system by disseminating information to communities on their advantages and also aids in the set up of the systems.

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