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Who We Are


Mazero Agrifood Ltd is an Agri irrigation company established in Kenya with the goal of redefining irrigation systems by offering better solutions with aim of helping farmers maximize their farm profits and increase efficiency.

We help you irrigate your crops better and get +30% yield increase.

Our range of products will provide services that will increase food production in both small and large scale farms. Mazero products are designed to tackle all types of farming challenges as well as provide a solution at an affordable price.

Mazero is a fast growing company and has a wide range of clients all over Kenya and is keen on expanding its reach to other countries.

The company has grown from strength to strength over the past few years and has been able to introduce new product lines including irrigation equipment’s,  rain water harvesting, solar power for irrigation systems, hydroponics systems among others.

Our services include but not limited to installation, repairs and maintenance of all irrigation systems and associated services.

The ongoing global warming has led to climate change which in turn has made the rain-fed agriculture not be sufficient in enabling farmers realize their set production targets.

Our endgame aim is to empower farmers by teaching them how to combine precision irrigation, agronomic expertise and relentless innovation to help them grow more of any crop, in any climate, with less input so as to enhance the curbing of food insecurity.



Help farmers grow more with less input that is affordable, durable, sustainable and environment friendly.



To drive mass adoption of smart agritech solutions to curb food insecurity, scarcity of water and land.

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Irrigation systems, farm solar systems, farm inputs, greenhouse, shade nets, dam lining services, borehole drilling services, hydroponic and vertical farming systems.