Bird netting is a type of bird control measure that involves the use of nets to prevent birds from accessing certain areas. Bird netting is commonly used to protect crops and buildings from bird damage. It can also be used to keep birds away from other areas such as agricultural and industrial applications and fascias of buildings. 

Bird netting is made from various materials, including nylon, polyethylene, and stainless steel. The type of bird netting you choose will depend on the specific needs of your application. Nylon bird netting is often used for agricultural applications as it is lightweight and easy to install. Polyethylene bird netting is more durable and is often used in industrial settings. Stainless steel bird netting is the strongest type of bird netting and is commonly used in areas where bird control is of paramount importance, such as airports.

Where are bird nets mostly used

Crop protection – bird netting is a physical barrier that covers the entire crop, making it difficult for birds to access the plants. It is an essential tool for crop protection, as it can help prevent significant losses when birds damage crops.

Fish protection – Bird netting is the perfect solution for protecting our fisheries and wildlife reserves from pesky birds. Fish farms need protection, too, so they use netting that will be visible as a barrier to diving into your pond!

Building protection – Bird netting is a highly effective and long-lasting way to protect buildings from all sorts of birds. It provides an impenetrable barrier that doesn’t harm the creatures inside it while keeping out unwanted guests. 

Mining ponds – Bird netting can be used to prevent the spill on the roads, such as minerals or metals from crushed rocks. These compounds must be confined so they don’t escape, also these cyanide ponds should be covered at all times to prevent wildlife loss.

Benefits of using bird nets 

Keeps birds out without hurting them

Netting installed in businesses prevents birds from making nests in vulnerable and often sensitive areas. You don’t have to use harmful measures like poisons, and you still end up with a bird-free business. Everybody wins.

Stay safe 

The commercial-grade netting is unique and suited for protecting the spectators at the venues like sports stadiums. Flexible, strong, lightweight, and easy to install, the type of bird nests is good for keeping away the birds from the sports-related areas.

Keeping Birds out of the ventilation and rooftops

The bird netting is good enough for the businesses because they can rely on the space made for the factories and airports. Controlling the bird traffic from the business ensures a reduction of the damage they would otherwise cause.

Reduced effect of the bird waste

With bird netting installed on the premises, you can see that the building will be looking superb and free from droppings. The bird droppings are responsible for ruining the shine. The nesting materials usually clog the gutters and create a mess with the production schedules .For preventing all such issues, these bird nettings are favorable.

Keeping away from orchards

Usually, birds possess the dirty habit of pecking on the fruits, vegetables, and plants. To stop this problem, you can give the utmost protection to the plantation with the bird netting that can ensure working as a perfect way of keeping your property safe.

Curbing the health issues

With the bird netting being so advantageous, you can rest assured that the majority of the birds won’t cause illnesses. Pigeons, for example, carry infectious disease-causing germs. The pigeons are responsible for creating nuisances like Lyme disease, paratyphoid, tuberculosis, encephalitis, and toxoplasmosis. In all such cases, bird netting will be good enough because you don’t have to worry about your health.

Versatile approach

With bird netting, you can get versatile suitability because it finds an advantage in the large spaces as well as small spaces, agricultural Farms, and so on. Besides, you can get a variety of bird netting products available that are also available in different color options. The material composition also makes them stand out.

Minimized liability risk

With the bird netting installed properly into a place, you can rest assured of keeping your customers and staff safe from these Birds. You won’t have to face lawsuits after someone gets hit by flying objects or these birds. Commercial netting ensures perfect protection when it is installed correctly.

Low maintenance and affordable option

With bird netting, you can rest assured not to spend a lot. You can also get the netting installed easily and correctly by considering professional help.

How to install 

Netting is one of the most common and utilized bird control methods. It physically blocks pest birds from the desired areas. Installation must be done well not to trap birds inside. Only block them from getting in. We train farmers on the proper installation of these nets to avoid damage and tearing. This also reduces the net’s overall lifespan. 

Mazero Agrifood encourages the use of profiles and wiggle wire during installation for this. No nailing should be done directly on the net, and excess weight must be avoided.

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