Insect nets have been used for organic crops for many years and are now more popular  than ever. Our insect proof net not only provide a physical barrier to prevent  insects from entering, but it also allows approximately 90% of natural light and  rain and 75% of natural airflow to pass through, creating an ideal protected microclimate for crop growth. Anti insect net mesh will only increase  the temperature by 2 to 30 degrees Celsius, but they provide significant  protection from wind, rain and hail to the crops, thereby promoting growth. They can also protect other pests such as birds, rabbits and deer.

What are the specific benefits of using anti-insect nets?

Anti-Insect Nets are Very Adaptable

Insect nets are useful for a variety of purposes. They can help prevent the spread of disease and can also keep pests out of plants by reducing wind and water consumption. The adaptability of nets is crucial for those who have plants in areas with high humidity or at home. 

The Anti-Insect Net Can Effectively Prevent Insects

Vegetables are covered with anti-insect nets, which can effectively keep away from the damage of various pests such as cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, cabbage armyworm, yellow beetle, aphids and so on. According to the test, the insect-proof net has a control effect of 94-97% against cabbage cabbage caterpillars, butterflies, and Liriomyza sativae, and 90% against aphids.

The Anti-Insect Net Can Prevent Diseases 

Virus transmission destroys greenhouse cultivation, especially aphids. However, if the installation of anti-insect nets in greenhouses cuts off the transmission of pests, the incidence of virus diseases will drop by 80%, and the effect will be very significant.

The Anti-Insect Adjust Air Temperature, Soil Temperature And Humidity

In the hot season, farmers can choose to cover the greenhouse with white insect nets. In addition, the anti-insect net can block part of the rainwater from falling into the shed, reduce the humidity in the field, reduce the incidence of vegetables, and reduce the evaporation of water in the greenhouse on sunny days.

Anti-Insect Net Are Cost Effective

A key consideration in evaluating the cost-effectiveness of nets is their durability. Insect nets are cheap and effective ways to reduce crop damage. The nets prevent insects from entering the home while allowing adequate ventilation. This increases the quality of the fresh air inside the home. 

Furthermore, they help reduce the workload of air conditioners and other electrical pieces of equipment by increasing the circulation of fresh air. Additionally, they allow plants to grow to their full potential due to fresh airflow. Homes without insect nets must always keep their windows closed, and have one or the other mosquito repellent. This makes the insect nets even more useful and a must.

Durability of Insects Nets

Several factors influence the longevity of insect nets. The studies suggest a combination of physical integrity, attrition, and insecticidal effectiveness to measure nets’ functional survival. However, determining the minimum effective insecticide concentration is difficult with current methods. Therefore, future research should include both physical integrity and attrition to assess the long-term impact of Insect nets.

Things to Consider While Choosing an Insect Net

UV Resistant Capacity

When you are buying anti insect nets, you need to check for the UV-resistant capacity of the net. The good manufacturers provide a guarantee against UV degradation of the nets. So, you need to make sure that the net you are buying comes with a guarantee of at least five years for degradation against the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Mesh Size

The anti-insect nets obstruct the penetration of different insects and affect the crops. These nets are differentiated by their hole size or mesh size. Mesh size is referred to as the number of holes per inch. The type of net is based on the mesh size and needs to be chosen according to the insects that are prevalent in that particular area of crop farming.

Length and Weight

Length and weight are two of the most important points to consider at the time of selecting anti-insect nets. The nets should be chosen as per the requirements so that they are ideally suited for the intended purpose of use. The nets should be lightweight in nature so that it serves the required purpose in the best possible manner.

Material Used in Manufacturing

At the time of choosing an anti-insect net, it is important to inspect the material before buying. Usually, plastic is used in the manufacturing of these nets. It is to be made sure that the anti-insect net so chosen is made up of top-quality virgin plastic material so as to provide the best results in this regard.

In Conclusion

It becomes quite important to choose a well-known and experienced manufacturer to get premium quality products. A good manufacturer uses 100 percent virgin HDPE and UV stabilized monofilament yarns. They are quite durable against sunlight and at the same time, are resistant to harsh chemicals. Hence, our anti-insect nets are durable in nature and last for a long period of time without losing out on their functionality. In addition to this, the nets have strong edges along with sufficient weight and enhanced flexibility for easy and convenient installation. To order or for more clarification, contact Mazero Agrifood Ltd on +254729777711

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