When is the Best Time for Drilling a Borehole in Kenya?

Drilling a borehole in Kenya is an investment that can provide a reliable source of water for different purposes like agriculture, domestic use, and industrial needs. However, determining the best time to drill a borehole is key to ensuring optimal results and cost-effectiveness.

You don’t want to drill half of the borehole only for the heavy rains to fill it with water and make it nearly impossible to complete the process. The perfect time is influenced by factors like;

  • Weather patterns

  • Water table levels

  • Drilling equipment availability

  • Local conditions.

This article explores factors to consider when deciding on the best time for drilling a borehole in Kenya.

Factors to Consider Before Drilling

Weather patterns

Rainfall patterns have an impact on the timing, especially in areas that receive extreme rains. Kenya experiences two distinct rainy seasons. There are long rains, which usually occur between March and May, and the short rains run from October to December. These periods may not be ideal, especially in areas prone to flooding.

With good equipment, drilling can also be done during the rainy season provided that the area is not flooded.

Dry Seasons

Drilling during the dry period can also be advantageous, especially when done with careful planning.

The site is easily accessible as fewer restrictions may be imposed by adverse weather conditions like heavy rains.

Consult a hydrogeological expert to assess the local geology and provide insights into potential water sources and depth.

Local Conditions

Local conditions also influence the timing and may vary within different regions. Consider specific geological characteristics and hydrological conditions of the target area.

Geological surveys and site investigations should be conducted thoroughly before drilling to determine the viability of borehole construction in a particular area. This involves assessing factors like rock formations, soil composition, and existing water sources.

Professionals like Mazero can provide you with valuable insights into the best time for drilling based on these local conditions.

How is Kenya’s Climate and Rainfall Patterns

In Kenya, we have two distinct rainy seasons – the long rains (March to May) and the short rains (October to December). These two seasons impact the best time for drilling.

  • Long rains. This season presents challenges due to increased water table levels and muddy surface conditions. However, if proper precautions are taken, this period can present opportunities for successful borehole drilling.

  • Dry Season. The dry season, which occurs between the rainy seasons, is considered the optimal time for borehole drilling in Kenya. Lower water table levels and more stable ground conditions make it easier to access aquifers and conduct drilling operations. This is mainly between January and March and June to September.

Access to Drilling Equipment and Expertise

Scheduling a project during periods of high demand for drilling services may result in longer lead times and increased costs.

  • Peak Demand Periods. Be mindful of peak demand periods for drilling equipment and services. Most landowners and businesses seek to secure water supply in drier months.

  • Engaging Professional Services. Contact a professional drilling company like Mazero to schedule a site visit and hydrological survey and to ensure that the project progresses smoothly.

How Long Does It Take To Drill A Borehole?

There is no specific period. It can take days or weeks. Once the rig lands on the site, a borehole of approximately 250m takes 3 to 4 days.

However, drilling depends on distance and accessibility to the site, the geology of the landscape, and any complications that might arise at the site.

Contact Us at Mazero for Borehole Drilling Services

Although there are ideal times, you can drill a borehole at any time of the year, unless your area is prone to flooding.

Are you in need of a borehole? Get in touch with us to inquire more about our geotechnical drilling services and pricing.

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