Borehole drilling and services

A borehole is an essential component in your home, farm, community, or organization. At Mazeros, we offer tailored borehole services ranging from drilling to installation to repair. Our company is equipped with adequate tools to handle jobs for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Our Services

  • Hydrogeological (survey) for water drilling
  • Drilling of water boreholes, dams and wells
  • Water pump installation
  • Provides water treatment services for hard water
  • After drilling services
  • Borehole flashing
  • Pump repair and installation

Why choose us?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your small and large borehole projects:

  • We have a team of experienced and professional technicians
  • Our services are tailored for optimum efficiency
  • Engineered for excellence
  • We have a high level of experience
  • We use high-quality equipment
  • We are reliable and proven
  • We are licensed and insured
  • We serve everyone, including general water suppliers, farmers, homes, domestic water users, hospitals, schools, communities, and organizations.
  • Competitive pricing
  • We listen to our client’s dynamics and attend to them.
  • We use the best drilling and installation processes so that you can have safe, clean water.

Benefits of having a borehole

There are countless benefits of having your own water supply. These include:

  • Independence on your water use
  • Better irrigation as there are no water meters
  • You cut water bulls
  • They are reliable and easy to maintain
  • Increases property value
  • Consistent water supply
  • It’s a self-sufficient asset

Requirements for drilling a borehole in Kenya

  • A well conducted of hydro-geological survey
  • A review of the hydro-geological survey report
  • Submissions of permits and licenses from the county government, NEMA, and WARMA by the client. We can assist you with this.
  • Site visit
  • Generation of a detailed quote

Here is an indicative price tabulation below.

Mazero’s Borehole Drilling Price in Kenya

What it entails

Price per Meter in KES

Drilling on stable ground with simple rock formation below

KES 7,200

Mud drilling on loose ground with minimal or no rock beneath

KES 14,500

Note that the quote may change depending on the rock structure, location, and depth to be drilled.

The drilling process

This is one of the most crucial parts of borehole services. Here is a breakdown of our drilling process that is covered by the pricing:

Drilling survey

We conduct a thorough hydro-geological survey that confirms:

  • If water is present
  • The composition of your ground
  • The depth, quality, and quantity of the water
  • If the ground is drillable

Drilling costs will be depended on the results of the survey.


After a successful survey, our team of experts will bring a borehole drilling rig to your site and all the required equipment. The costs of moving the equipment will depend on the site access and location.

Drilling and lining

Borehole drilling in progress

At Mazero, we will:

  • Check for underground utilities such as pipes, electricity cables, or underground structures.
  • Install temporary steel casing depending on the geology to prevent the walls from collapsing during the drilling process
  • Drill a borehole down until the water table is reached. In some areas, the depth can be even higher than 180m.
  • Insert a slotted screen and 5inch steel or plastic casing to the bottom of the borehole
  • Line in the gap between the walls and slotted screen with gravel and grout the gap between the walls and pump chamber at the upper part of the borehole.

The drilling and lining costs may vary depending on the diameter of the borehole, depth, and ground conditions. Always consult us at Mazero for a specific quote.

Water Pump System Design and Installation and Borehole Equipping

Boreholes can be pretty deep, and using the normal method to fetch water from them can be challenging. A pump can help you increase performance and efficiency in bringing water to the surface. At Mazero, we offer high-quality pumps at competitive prices. After drilling, our specialists will determine the best pump for your borehole. If you plan to use it for irrigation, we will advise and install an ideal pump to solve your water needs. Depending on the depth, we immerse HDPE or uPVC pipes into the borehole. We will also assist you with water storage systems if needed.

Best HDPE Pipes for Boreholes

Pump and water quality testing

Sometimes, the water can contain impurities and dissolved minerals. After drilling and installing the pump, we will test the water quality and whether the pump works perfectly. To ensure that everything is working well and the water is safe, we pump out water continuously for 24 hours. We check on the flow of the water, recharge rate, quantity, and water level of your borehole. From the test results, we may conduct install or use any water treatment systems that might be required and keep your water pure.