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The goal of any irrigation system is to apply water consistently and evenly to the crop. An irrigation system’s accuracy, efficiency, reliability, and consistency are essential. Sprinkler irrigators have long been one of the most efficient methods for distributing water over a large area. They come in many different sizes and can be moved around easily and pivoted vertically and horizontally.

What is a sprinkler head?

A sprinkler head is an opening with a nozzle on top with a spring-loaded valve. When the water comes out of the nozzle, it releases the valve and the water then gets sprayed in all directions.

They can range in size from a few inches to several feet in diameter and are placed on top of posts on the ground. Most heads that apply water directly to plants remain above ground, but some subsurface heads are for drip and micro-irrigation systems. The type of head and how many of them you need is determined by your field’s size, the area you are trying to cover, and the amount of time they need to run. An average single-head sprinkler has a radius (the distance from the center point that water extends) equal to its diameter.

Sprinklers are installed in two sets so that one set of heads can be turned off while the other set continues to run. You can control how much water you want to use for your lawn or landscape when this happens.

What are sprinkler zones

The zone of a sprinkler head is how it spreads the water around your field. Common sprinkler heads have 4, 6, 8, or 10 zones that come in combinations of straight and circular. Straight spray patterns are much narrower than circular patterns; they generally cover less area but are better for drenching individual areas like plants and weeds. Circular patterns can be wider to cover a wide area or very narrow to apply just to one or two plants.

How a Sprinkler System Works

A sprinkler system is a great way to keep your lawn and garden green, healthy, and growing. A good sprinkler system will water the ground around your plants evenly at regular intervals. To do this, it has a small hose that dumps water onto the ground. The hose is connected to the pipe that runs under the surface of your lawn or garden. A sprinkler head with alternating sprays is attached to the end of the pipe at intervals to ensure even watering.

Types of Sprinkler Systems

There are three main types of sprinkler systems: rotary, broadcast, and drip. Rotary sprinklers are the most popular sprinkler head and cover a circular area. They are typically used in landscapes and are ideal for lawns and gardens. Broadcast sprinklers are similar to rotary heads, except they spray in all directions like a typical garden hose. Finally, drip systems use the same pipes as a standard overhead irrigation system, emitting nozzles on the pipe’s arms or lines at even intervals. The water is released at low pressure from each nozzle over time as it travels down to the end of the pipe’s arm or line, where it blows out in a circular pattern.

How are sprinklers turned off and on?

There’s a manual switch in severe weather that’s used to turn off sprinklers. Should the power go out, you can manually turn on the sprinkler system by turning on a valve located in the basement or near a water meter. When it comes to sprinkling zones, they can usually be turned on or off through a valve at the start of the zone.

Where to find the water on or off position for your system

Turning the water on or off for sprinkler systems can be complicated if unfamiliar with it. Some people think that an entire zone is turned on or off at a time. This is not the case. You will find a valve on the mainline to turn on and off each zone separately. One valve controls your sprinklers, while the other handles your irrigation needs, such as lawns and gardens.


How many sprinkler heads does my system have?

There is no standard number of sprinklers in a system. The number of heads you’ll need will depend on the size and shape of your lawn. Sprinkler systems have sprinkler heads or zones arranged in a specific pattern on the front yard landscape.

How do I install extra sprinkler heads or zones to my system?

You can install up to 6 additional zones to your system. You need a valve, irrigation pipe, and sprinkler heads to add the extra zone.


There are many different sprinkler heads with various water outputs and spray patterns. When installing a new sprinkler system, the best way to find the right type of head is to make sure that you have the correct zone designations. Once the zone designations are made, it’s easier to identify what type of head to use for each area.

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