A properly designed and installed shade net house can be a significant improvement to your farming business. It ensures that your produce will grow at the maximum rate possible. Shade net houses are constructed to provide solar shading from the sides and top, helping reduce heat on plants and animals. In addition, they offer protection from winds and dust storms while blocking sun during cold winter months. Whether you’re only looking for shade or want increased crop yields, shade nets can help you.

In Kenya, you can use shade nets when growing a wide range of crops such as cucumbers, melons, peppers, tomatoes. They can also be used to protect young vegetable plants or fruit trees that haven’t yet reached their full potential. Organic farmers are well served by shade net houses. You can use them to protect lettuce and other leafy greens during the hot months.

There are two types of shade nets that you can use which are:

  • Flat type shade nets
  • Dome type shade nets

Here’s a doom shaped shade net

Here are five key benefits of shade net houses

Reduce cost of irrigation

Water is a very limited resource in many places across the country which means that farmers have to employ smart ways to ensure that water is used efficiently. Shade nets reduce the amount of evaporation and transpiration in the garden while having a minimal effect on plant growth. They create an ideal environment for plant growth stimulation to take place at night.

Protect the crops from adverse heat and weather conditions

Although plants require sunlight to grow, to much sun can affect the plant health. Extreme weather conditions such as drought, floods and heat waves can cause a significant loss in crop yields. Shade nets shield the plants from harsh weather conditions. The fabric used in these structures is designed to block all UV rays, you can rest assured that your plants will flourish in the intense heat.

Protection from dust, wind and pests

The netting of a shade house provides excellent protection from dust and wind. This is particularly important during the dry season when strong winds can turn dust into a serious problem on your crops. These conditions can reduce crop yields and have a negative impact on your yields in the long term due to the amount of damage caused.

For this reason, many farmers prefer nets to sheds or other outdoor structures when growing dry season crops. They are also ideal for areas prone to wind damage such as the highlands of Kenya.

Reduce pest and disease problems

When growing food crops in shade net houses, you don’t have to worry about these diseases as the temperature and humidity level is closely regulated. This is because shade net houses are designed to be airtight. This means that air circulates in the structure, which keeps it cool. It also ensures that there is no direct sunlight, which is essential for the survival of plants.

Promote crop growth for a wide range of crops

The primary purpose of shade net houses is to provide protection for trees, plants, and other agricultural crops. However, they can be used to grow a wide range of products such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, and more.

Besides, they provide an ideal environment for optimum crop growth since they protect them from heavy rains, extreme temperatures, and strong winds. This makes them ideal for propagating and growing seedlings of trees such as avocado, oranges, lemons, and mangoes.

Increasing crop yields

Potential crop yields are significantly influenced by weather, temperature and moisture levels. Shade net houses reduce the effects of these variables on your plants. They provide optimal growing conditions for your crops, which means that you should see an increase in your yields in the long run.


In many parts of the world, growing vegetables or other crops does not require a huge amount of space. This makes it easy for farmers to grow vegetables in pots on small patches of land. Shade net houses can be used to protect your vegetable garden and provide a place for your livestock to rest. You can also use them to protect young vegetable plants or fruit trees that haven’t yet reached their full potential.

How can we help you?

At Mazeros Agrifood, we assist you in the installation of shade net houses at prices that are within your budget. We are specialized experts in the design, installation and maintenance of shade net houses for a wide range of commercial applications including agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry and landscaping. Our team of professionals have the relevant expertise to help you install the structures in different ways. We offer a wide array of shade net products at competitive prices. They are easy to install and can be erected in a day.

Our installers will provide professional installation services which include:

  • Proper planning, layout, post marking and procedure setting up
  • Basic construction i.e. marking, digging and laying posts.
  • Shade net construction, installation of doors and windows.

We supply:

  • Shade net houses at the best price.
  • All the tools needed for construction.

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