Agricultural nets are protective polythene-based threaded or woven material with pore sizes designed to meet specific farm needs. Agricultural nets can fulfill all the needs in shading, protection, harvesting, and vertical farming. Anti-aging and anti-UV nets are ideal for large planting areas while allowing normal air and moisture circulation.

The agricultural net acts as a barrier and convenient tool, protects plants from strong sunshine and animals and benefits harvest. 

Using netting to protect your crops from bird predation, insects, or hail damage is the most effective and environmentally responsible method for reducing crop damage or loss.Using crop protection netting will result in a huge return on your investment through increased crop yield and allowing fruit and berries to reach their optimum ripeness and sugar contents.

Agricultural nets are broadly categorized into; shade nets, insect nets and bird nets.


Shade Nets

A shade net is generally a synthetic fiber net made up of HDPE plastic, which reduces the intensity of direct sunlight according to the necessity of crops or others. Shade nets are used to protect agro products such as plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Shade cloth fabric is available in densities ranging from 30% to 90% to suit the unique needs of different types of plants, flowers and crops. It can be used with greenhouses, hoop structures and in field applications. Shade material is rot and mildew resistant, does not become brittle and is water permeable.


Uses of shade nets

  • Used for fruit and vegetable nurseries.
  • Used to protect against pest attack.
  • Protects from natural weather disturbances such as wind, rain and hail
  • Helps in cultivation of flower plants, foliage plants, herbs, vegetables and spices.
  • Used in production of graft saplings and reducing its mortality during hot season
  • Used for hardening tissue culture plants


Anti-Insect Nets

Anti-insect nets are used in order to prevent the insects from damaging the crops. It also doesn’t need any usage of harmful chemicals. Chemicals sometimes cause unnecessary damage to the crop and the natural properties of the crops are lost. Anti-insect nets let the crop grow naturally as it allows it to expose to the natural surroundings along with preventing it from insects and pests.

Anti-insect nets are made of 100% virgin HDPE, UV stabilized monofilament yarns, that are durable against sunlight and resistant to harsh chemicals. 


Uses of Anti-insect nets

  • The main purpose is to keep insects and pests away from the crop.
  • The nets support and improve ventilation. The crop gets the required exposure to the natural surroundings
  • Anti-insects are affordable and are more preffered than chemicals.
  • Helps to avoid the usage of harmful chemicals that sabotages the soil and the crop as well.
  • It is well stabilized for UV radiation and can be used for more than 3 to 5 years.


Bird Nets

Bird netting is a form of bird control, it protects crops and plants against bird invasion and ensures a healthy environment, free of bird infestations. The nets are strong, durable and weather resistant while allowing for enough airflow and light to ensure good crops.

Bird nets are made of knotted polyethylene (HDPE) hence is UV resistant. HDPE Nets are chemically inert, water and weather proof.It provides a discreet and impenetrable barrier that protects premises without harming the birds.Netting is one of the most common and utilized bird control methods. It is proven to be effective by  physically blocking pest birds from the desired areas.

Bird control netting is highly versatile and can be successful in many different settings such as buildings, rooftops, fisheries, agriculture areas, and many more.


Uses of Bird Nets

  • Prevents fruits from being attacked and eaten by birds
  • Used on a fish pond to protect the fish from being attacked by birds
  • Bird netting can be used to protect your herbs and low ground fruit garden from pest birds
  • Bird net can be used as an alternative to chicken wire to prevent predators from birds of prey.


Why farmers should consider getting agricultural nets

Whether you operate a greenhouse or a farm, garden netting can significantly impact your success. Plant netting, applied correctly can shade, protect and provide a structure for growth. And being a smart farmer, you know that to get the best, you go to the best.

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