5 water storage systems you should use on your farm

Water is essential for all living beings, including plants and animals. It’s a lifeline for all crops because they use it to grow. Drought isn’t only limited to rain-fed farms, but it also affects farmers who depend on rivers and streams as a source of water for their crops. Most of these farmers face the challenge of not having enough water in their fields during the dry season. However, there are innovative ways to store enough water for irrigation so that your farm doesn’t suffer during the dry season.

Water should be on top of your list when planning for your farm. You need it for optimum plant growth and livestock farming. By using water storage systems on your farm, you will be able to irrigate crops and pasture whenever you need them. In addition, it helps to achieve profitability through good crop management and increases productivity. The harvested water may be for irrigation, livestock, watering, or even domestic use. Here are five water storage systems you should use on your farm:

  • Rainwater tank
  • Water tanks
  • Ponds
  • Reservoirs
  • Cisterns

Rainwater tank

Rainwater tanks are a sustainable way to harvest rainwater water on your farm. The water can be used for irrigation, domestic use, and providing livestock with drinking water. When selecting a tank, you should ensure that you purchase one that is affordable and high quality. Besides, it should have an overflow outlet to let out any excess water if there is heavy rainfall. Ensure that you design proper drainage systems to avoid having stagnant water in your compound.

Water storage tanks

Water storage tanks are a popular way of storing water for later use. When purchasing or designing one, you should consider factors such as the size of your farm, the water sources you plan to use, and the farm landscape. These tanks come in different sizes, designs, and colors. When using plastic water tanks, check out the material they are made from. They should be UV stabilized and made from virgin-grade plastic material for higher durability.

Plastic water tanks are strong and flexible enough to withstand external pressure, so they do not crack or break easily like other types. This means they can be placed anywhere on your farm without worrying about external elements such as excessive sun. They are easy to install and maintain, so you will not drain your pockets on maintenance costs.

Pond storage systems

Whether you are a fish farmer, landscaper, crop grower, or livestock keeper, you need an efficient, easy to maintain, and use water storage system. Ponds are an easy way of harvesting rainwater for future use. Since they can store a lot of water, they are an excellent option for harvesting rainwater for use on large farms. Besides, they are an efficient way of rearing fish or providing livestock with enough water. However, you need high-quality pond liners, underlayment, filters, pipes, tubing, fittings, and a pump. Also, you need heavy rocks or bricks, a skimmer (optional), and an aerator (optional). Mazero offers high-quality materials to help you design your pond.


A reservoir is a storage system that can be used for storing large amounts of water for use on the farm. It is ideal for small and large farms, easy to maintain, and can hold large volumes of water. Here are a few benefits of why you should use a reservoir.

  • They are easy to maintain and perfect for farms that require a lot of water for irrigation.
  • They can assist in flood control, especially on farms susceptible to flooding.
  • Depending on the size, they can store enough water for use during drier seasons.


If you want to harvest rainwater on your farm, cisterns are an excellent option for storing it. Cisterns come in all shapes and sizes; some can hold large volumes of water! They are easy to build and maintain. Ensure that the water is not exposed to sunlight to avoid contamination and algae growth. They have an advantage over other water storage systems because they do not take up space on the land’s surface. This means that they do not take space that would have been used for growing crops or rearing animals. Cisterns can be expensive but require little maintenance once installed properly.

Water scarcity increases as the population grow, and its availability reduces worldwide. This scenario becomes crucial for farmers to save water for future generations. Therefore, farmers need to invest in water storage systems. These systems can solve their water needs, reduce production costs, and enhance their irrigation strategies. Contact Mazero today and let us help you select the better water storage system for your farm.

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