Drip irrigation on grapes

Wine Growing in a Changing Climate: Irrigation Must Change Too

Growing wine grapes is an exciting investment that can be a steady source of income. Although setting up a vineyard can be pretty complex, grapes are easy to plant, care for, market, and harvest. They have a high demand locally and in export markets. Wouldn’t you like to be part of the processed English wine?

The increasing global warming and changing climate are extending the boundaries for viticulture, with the country providing excellent conditions for grape farming. However, at the same time, wine grapes are highly sensitive to variations in precipitation and temperature. To enhance the productivity and maximize the output of your vines, you need to consider the growing routines such as fertilization, pruning, and pest and disease control. Irrigation should not be left out. It’s one of the most vital aspects of grape farming.

Factors That Affect Your Variety Choice?

Climate and other ecological conditions are a friend and an enemy in the viticulture sector. Factors such as temperature, geology, soils, landscape, and water determine the variety suitable for the area. Besides, they shape the productivity of your vines and the quality of the grapes. In optimal conditions, you will be enjoying a great vintage.

If your goal is to produce premium wine grapes, you need to set up the vineyard in an area where precipitation and temperature are well balanced. Generally, the plant performs well in elevated vineyards with a temperature range of 25 to 32°C and gardens that receive full sun.

Areas prone to climate change threats like heavy rainfall, flooding, strong winds, extreme heat waves, and prolonged drought conditions are not ideal for grape farming.

When Do Vines Need Water Most?

The critical stages when your plants need more water are:

  • After planting
  • During vegetative growth
  • During the bud break period
  • From flowering to fruit set
  • From fruit set to veraison to promote the formation of larger berries
  • During maturing stage
  • After harvesting

New Challenges Drive New Solutions: Scaling up Irrigation

Most parts of the country receive extra sun most times of the year. However, this comes with a downside: no rain. Without water, you have no vineyard. When your plants receive little water, they will still mature, although the yields will significantly drop. For optimum yields, you need to enhance your irrigation efforts on your farm. You need to use a system that balances vegetative and reproductive growth. This is not possible with surface irrigation methods. It can only be achieved by using precision irrigation and sustainable practices.

Designed to Solve

Drip irrigation is an effective method that helps deliver water more efficiently to your plants. However, the frequency should be increased during the drier months and areas. Our drip irrigation systems eliminate your watering challenges and come with long-lasting delivery lines and emitters.

Why Choose Us for Your Grape Irrigation?

  • Our irrigation systems are long-lasting.
  • We have a team of professionals with unsurpassed expertise
  • We offer high-quality equipment and custom-designs
  • We provide efficient irrigation systems that help you close the gap between rain seasons. This way, you have full control of your soil-water balance, preventing yield loss.
  • Our technicians are always ready to assist you
  • We offer accessible customer support

Wine’s Uncertain Future

As temperatures rise and precipitation reduces, pests become more prevalent, weather patterns turn more unpredictable, and diseases spread more. There is no question that climate change will profoundly affect wine production, consumption, and trade. It will impact all areas, from the productivity, production costs, revenues, and profits from grape farming and wine production. One of the most significant changes that vineyards must contest with is irrigation. At Mazeros, we offer quality irrigation systems to help you adapt to climate shocks and grow confidently. Contact us today!

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