What Are Borehole Drilling Requirements in Kenya You Should Know in 2024

As water scarcity and accessibility continue to be on the rise, borehole drilling has become popular in different parts of the country. This is either for domestic, agricultural, or industrial purposes. However, there are certain considerations to keep in mind like permits and regulations.

In this article, we explain in detail what are the borehole drilling requirements in Kenya. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Hydro-geological Survey Report

The process of drilling a borehole starts with a hydrogeological survey, It’s a survey that examines the groundwater potential within the area to understand the best place to exploit the resources and drill a borehole. The survey must be carried out by a qualified and registered geologist. A borehole drilling company like Mazero will get you sorted in this.

Regulatory Framework

Apart from a survey report, you need to obtain the necessary permits from the Water Resources Authority, NEMA, and Environment Impact Assessment.

Applicants must apply for a water abstraction permit from WRA, which entails submitting detailed information on the proposed borehole location, intended water use, and environmental impact assessments. You can engage with local authorities and county governments for land-use permits.

Authorization to proceed is obtained from WRA once the geologist is satisfied with the groundwater potential. An EIA report is an examination of the impact of a project on the environment. NEMA has to approve the report to issue the permit. However, NEMA has to be satisfied that the drilling will bring undesirable impact on the immediate environment before they issue a license.

Drilling Equipment and Contracting

You need to select a reputable drilling contractor with experience in geological conditions for the success of a borehole project.

Another important factor to consider is the use of high-quality drilling equipment capable of handling different geological formations. If you want a drilling company that ensures the integrity of the borehole, choose Mazero.

Water Quality Testing

After drilling, it is imperative to conduct water quality testing to ensure that the extracted groundwater meets safety and potability standards. Testing parameters may include pH levels, turbidity, chemical composition, and bacterial contamination.

Environmental Considerations

Apart from the EIA guidelines, you need to implement mitigation measures like proper casing and sealing to minimize adverse environmental effects. Sustainable water management practices like groundwater recharge initiatives should also be kept in place to maintain ecological balance.

Maintenance and Compliance

You need to monitor water levels, and pump performance, and conduct periodic inspections to detect potential issues early. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements like annual reporting to the WRA.

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