Key Reasons Why You Need a Fence

Security, privacy, and beautification are reasons you want to fence your property. You want to keep your kids, pets, or livestock securely inside. You may want to keep others out. Or to mark your boundaries and keep a friendly distance from outsiders and neighbors. If you rent the property to someone, a fence will help maintain a kerb appeal while still marking all corners and keep them from jumping into your neighbor’s side.

Reasons Why You Need a Fence

  • Pets

  • Kids

  • Property Value

  • Privacy

  • Security

1. Protect Your Property

A fence is an important part of your home’s security system. It keeps strangers out but also stops intruders from entering your yard and taking things that don’t belong to them. Criminals can come into your yard and steal valuable items if you don’t have a fence.

2. Keep Out Dogs and Livestock

Dogs are wonderful pets, but if they aren’t properly trained and supervised, they can cause problems for other people and animals in the neighborhood as well as themselves if they venture too far away from home (which they often do). A well-designed fence will keep dogs out of unwanted areas around the property. Livestock, such as sheep, goats, and cattle, can also be problematic if allowed to roam freely in the neighborhood. They can cause significant property damage or even injure people if they get out of hand.

3. To prevent intruders

Live in an area where there are many burglaries? Installing a security system such as an alarm system or, even better yet, a fence designed specifically for this purpose may be prudent. This way, if someone tries to break in through your front door, they will be stopped before they ever get close enough to make off with anything valuable!

Benefits of Building a Fence

There are several advantages of building a good fence on your property. These include:

Fencing increases the value of the property

The property’s value is highly influenced by the developments made on the property. A fence is a crucial improvement that can increase property value and appearance.

A good fence provides safety and privacy

Privacy is an important aspect of your home; a fence acts as a barrier preventing unauthorized entry by outsiders.


As the years progress, it may be challenging to identify your boundaries without good markings. Although beacons are marking this, a fence provides proper marks, showing where your property begins and ends, and prevents neighbors and other people from encroaching on your land.

Beautifies the Property

A good fence creates an excellent image of a property and enhances its overall appearance.

Factors Governing Installation of Fencing

Five factors govern the installation of fencing. These are:

Type of Fence

Other fences can be installed in place of the normal type, whether chain link or wooden. The style chosen depends on the fence’s purpose and how much space it will take up in your yard. If you have a lot of space, then consider installing a lawn fence. If not, a chain link fence is more practical as it can be installed anywhere and only requires a little space.

Location of the Fence

If you want a garden fence, this should be placed near or at the back of your house so that people do not get hurt when walking over it. If someone is playing football or cricket on one side of the garden fence, they will not come into contact with the ball or bat, which could cause injury to them or others around them.

Size and height of your property

How high do you want your fence to be? This depends on how tall your house is and how much room you have to raise your fence higher than normal heights for safety reasons. The fence’s purpose, the land’s size, and the availability of resources greatly influence the ideal height. Is it a decorative or privacy fence?

Security of your property

In this case, security is important since it helps deter intruders from entering your property without permission or breaking into your home or office after hours when everyone is asleep at night. It also helps protect against theft by stopping thieves from stealing valuables such as jewelry or electronics inside your house or office during daytime hours when people are around but not at home themselves.


Regardless of the purpose, you don’t want a fence that ruins your home’s aesthetic appeal. You have many options, ranging from chain link to wood to stone. If beautification is one of the purposes of the fence, then this is a factor you should consider.


Different fencing options come at different pricing, meaning your budget can also be a deciding factor. You need to plan how much you can spend without feeling burdened.

Durability and maintenance costs

The lifespan of your fence with vary depending on the material used. It should be firm to withstand weather conditions and damage by pests and animals. Stone fencing tends to be more durable than it would, although they can also last longer with proper treatment and care. In terms of maintenance, some fences require periodic maintenance, such as cleaning, painting, and staining removal. Consider going for a low-maintenance fence.

At Mazero, we excel at building lifelong clients and commit to offering the best fencing services. We tailor each fence to offer an exclusive appeal and aesthetic sense. We understand that there are different fencing options and provide different types of fencing based on your requirements and the materials you want to use.

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