Drip Irrigation: The Most Efficient Irrigation System

As a grower, you want to grow your crops anywhere in any climate, soil, and topography. Drip irrigation is a water-efficient method transforming the lives of millions of small and large-scale farmers worldwide. It’s assisting them to increase crop yields while using less water, energy, and fertilizers. Drip irrigation enables you to grow more with less water, even in drier areas like Eastern and North Eastern Kenya.

What Is Drip Irrigation System?

Drip irrigation is an efficient water and nutrient delivery system that delivers water directly at the base of the crops’ roots in the right amounts and at the right time. This means that each crop gets precisely what it needs, which promotes optimum growth.

How Does It Work?

Water and nutrients are delivered across the field in pipes (driplines) with small units called drippers. These drippers emit water and water-soluble fertilizers in drops at the plants’ base. Drip irrigation systems are designed to provide water at the correct rate and pressure, allowing plants to absorb more water and grow more effectively. The small drips of water that run through the system deliver this water directly to the roots of your plants.

This reduces water use by up to 60% and increases crop yields by more than 40%.

Why Drip Irrigation?

The advantages of drip technology include the following:


Drip irrigation is highly efficient because it delivers water directly to plant roots, where it evaporates quickly into the soil rather than being wasted on overhead foliage or run off onto the ground below (or wasted entirely). The amount of water delivered per unit area of garden is also much greater with drip than with other types of systems, allowing for higher yields.


A drip irrigation system is very easy to install and maintain. It requires no additional parts or tools, making it extremely convenient for homeowners who want a simple solution to watering their plants. The system also uses less water than traditional sprinkler systems, so you can save money in the long run by conserving precious water resources.


Drip irrigation is more flexible than sprinklers. Sprinklers have fixed spray patterns that they must follow throughout the season, while drip systems can be adjusted based on weather conditions or crop needs. That means that you can even apply water in the required areas only.

Easy To Install and Maintain

Drip emitters are easy to install and maintain. They require little maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking or malfunctioning and costing you money. They also require less labor than other irrigation methods, saving you money in the long run.

Saves Water

With drip irrigation, you only need to deliver a small amount of water through the system. This means that you won’t waste as much water, and your plants will be able to survive longer without needing more water than usual.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Drip irrigation is very efficient because it doesn’t need as much water as conventional sprinklers do. This means that there will be less runoff and less pollution as well.

Why Is Drip Irrigation Better for Plants?

Crops need a consistent and balanced supply of water and nutrients to grow and thrive at their full potential, and the right irrigation system can help ensure that your crops get the water and nutrients they need. Farmers need a comprehensive solution that’s easy to use and delivers consistent results.

Here are several reasons why plants perform better under drip irrigation:

  • Good soil aeration and no saturation

  • Higher availability of water and nutrients

  • Reduces cases of higher salinity arising from excessive fertilizer applications

  • No wetting of foliage, which means fewer cases of fungal diseases such as anthracnose

  • Doses of water and nutrients are tailored as per the plant’s needs.

  • There is a uniform application of water and nutrients

Drip Irrigation as the Preferred Method for Large-Scale Farming

Irrigation in large farms can be a challenge and labor-intensive when using traditional methods. Drip irrigation is the preferred method of large-scale farming because it is more efficient, easier to use, and easier to install.

Also, drip irrigation allows for precise water application rate and time control. For example, if you need to water every day at 8:00 am and again at 9:00 pm, a sprinkler system will likely spray out too much water at 8:00 am, but more is needed at 9:00 pm. A drip irrigation system can adjust its flow automatically based on when it was last applied (or not applied) and will continue to apply water until all of the soil’s moisture needs are met. This means you don’t have to figure out how much water to use at each hour of the day — your drip irrigation system does that for you!

An Efficient Irrigation System Adjusts to the Season and Climate

The most efficient irrigation system can adjust to the season and climate. Drip systems deliver water on demand through small tubes or emitters connected to a central water source. They deliver the right amounts of water when the plants need it, meaning irrigating:

  • In the evening

  • Early in the morning

  • At the plants’ most active growth phases

Fixed-drip systems work well in areas where there are few or no watering restrictions or where seasonal changes are minimal. They require little maintenance and have very low operating costs, but they aren’t suitable for areas with frequent weather changes or where crops need to be watered daily as they grow. Fixed-drip systems are also not good choices if you want to grow multiple crops at different times of year because they require more labor than drip systems do; it’s easier to use a drip system if you want to grow more than one crop at a time.

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