A greenhouse is a structure that comes in handy when you want to grow plants in a controlled environment. This environment enables faster and healthy growth of plants no matter the season.

The type of greenhouse you choose will primarily depend on your specific needs. And some will work better in some situations than others. Greenhouses can be classified in different categories based on;

  1. Structure
  2. Frame material
  3. Covering Material


Greenhouses based on structure

  • Hoop House

A hoop house is a type of greenhouse made up of a simple, curved roof. The roof comprises PVC or metal hoops, which are covered in plastic or fabric. The plastic or fabric traps the heat and sunlight and helps to keep the inside of the greenhouse warm. A hoop house is often used to grow vegetables.

  • Sawtooth

The sawtooth greenhouse is one of the more popular types of greenhouses. It gets its name from the unique roofline, which features a series of triangular peaks. This design allows a lot of natural light to come in, making it an ideal choice for growers who want to maximize their production.

  • Shade House

It is a type of greenhouse designed to grow plants in the shade. These greenhouse types are typically made out of lighter construction materials like plastic or cloth, allowing sunlight to filter through. Shade houses can be used to grow various plants, including vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

  • Geodesic Dome

The geodesic dome greenhouse is a type of greenhouse made up of a series of interconnected triangle-shaped panels. This type of greenhouse is often used for large-scale commercial farming, as it can provide much space for plants to grow.

  • Freestanding

A freestanding greenhouse is a structure that is not attached to any other building. This type of greenhouse is often used in colder climates as it can provide insulation from the elements. Freestanding greenhouse can be made from various materials, including metal, wood, and plastic.


Greenhouse based on frames

  • Wooden-framed greenhouse

Most cold weather climates prefer wooden greenhouses because they help preserve the heat inside. Most of these are small setups in the backyard to store plants until springtime. Wood is readily available in many places and easy to work with, even without hiring a professional to set up the greenhouse.

  • Metal-framed greenhouse

Many metal-framed greenhouse structures use heavy-duty metal like steel and aluminum. These metals are long-lasting, so that you can use the greenhouse for a long time.Once you opt for the metal pipe frame structure, ensure you know what metal is used since some are prone to corrosion. Also, it’s wise to use durable metal if the greenhouse is for commercial purposes, reducing the cost of replacing worn-out pipes.

  • Plastic greenhouses

Tough plastic can make a quality greenhouse, especially one to keep indoors away from direct wind. As you seek different types of cheap greenhouses, you might want to consider those made using plastic frames. Since the material is inexpensive, you won’t have to go out of budget when setting one up.


Greenhouse based on material coverage

  • PVC material

One of the most popular materials to cover a greenhouse is PVC plastic. It’s transparent and essential to allow sunlight to reach the plants. Also, it saves you money in terms of cost and heating up the greenhouse. Benefits of this PVC cover is that it’s readily available, allowing ample sunlight penetration, it’s cheap, it’s lightweight and easy to set up.

  •  Glass Material Greenhouses 

Glass is another quality material used to cover different types of greenhouses. It facilitates deeper light intensity, which is ideal for healthy plants. Also, it allows ample air filtration, which best controls the humid environment.


Why should farmers consider having a greenhouse

There are many benefits to having a greenhouse, regardless of the type you choose.Greenhouses provide a controlled environment that is ideal for plants.By protecting plants from extreme weather conditions, greenhouses help to extend the growing season and allow for year-round gardening. Additionally, greenhouses can protect plants from pests, allowing you to grow organic produce without the use of harmful chemicals.

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