Can You Grow Capsicum and Tomatoes in a Greenhouse?

Greenhouse gardening is an interesting agribusiness that can turn into a good source of income for tomato and capsicum farmers.

When it comes to growing capsicum or pilipili hoho and tomatoes, many farmers are faced with the decision of whether to grow outdoors or indoors. While both options have advantages, there are compelling reasons why growing in a greenhouse can be a game-changer.

Is Greenhouse Farming Profitable?

Farming pilipili hoho in a greenhouse can be highly profitable, considering it’s a controlled environment, especially during extreme rains and harsh weather.

Take a case example. Outdoors, the price of production can be as high as Sh 35 per kilo. In a greenhouse, you can reduce this to about Sh 20 or 25. If you sell a kilo at Sh 80, that means you will have a net income of Sh 55 per kilo. Sounds profitable, right?

However, for optimal results, you need to choose the right variety, as some perform better outdoors. In greenhouses, you can grow varieties such as Admiral F1, Commandant F1, Maxibel, Superbel, Golden Sun, and Red Knight.

After setting up the greenhouse structure and everything is ready, you should do a soil test to know what’s present and missing. This way, you can adjust it to the right levels, including the pH.

Why Grow Capsicum and Tomatoes in a Greenhouse?

Extended Growing Season

You’ll know an extended growing season means more money. Unlike outdoor gardening, a controlled environment provides optimal conditions for year-round growth.

With the ability to regulate temperature, humidity levels, and light exposure, you create an ideal environment for the plants to thrive beyond their traditional seasonal limits. Surprisingly, you can harvest capsicum for over 9 months.

Protection From Environmental Factors

A greenhouse can shield your plants from harsh winds, heavy rains, and extreme temperatures. It provides a sheltered space free from potential stressors. This helps you maintain healthy and productive plants throughout their growth cycle.

Optimal Growing Conditions

A greenhouse offers you the ability to fine-tune the growing conditions to suit the specific needs of the capsicum and tomato plants.

You can adjust factors such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, and ventilation to create an ideal microclimate for optimal growth and higher yields. Through this, you can grow the plants even in regions with extreme climates or limited sunlight.

Pest and Disease Control

Like other plants, capsicum and tomatoes are prone to pests and diseases that can hinder crop growth. This is even worse when growing outdoors where the plants can be hit by frost or blight at any minute. However, when growing in a greenhouse, you are in a better position to protect your plants from certain pests and diseases such as blight.

The enclosed environment keeps unwanted insects a bay and enables you to devise more effective disease control strategies. Besides, it allows you to focus on proactive measures, such as regular monitoring and targeted treatments to keep your plants thriving.

Grow in Mazero Greenhouses

Greenhouse gardening is hailed for its benefits, particularly on maximizing value and improving the quality of produce. At Mazero, we walk with you in every step and offer you high-quality greenhouse materials to get started. Contact us today!

Stay connected with our industry experts, agricultural extension services, and online resources to access the latest developments in greenhouse farming techniques. Consult us to learn more!

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