High-Quality Vertical and Hydroponic Garden Systems

Are you looking for a highly efficient system to decorate your farm, grow crops indoors, and produce your fruits and leafy greens faster, with higher yields? You need to embrace innovative ways to grow crops indoors and in small spaces. Vertical gardening and hydroponic systems are efficient systems that enable you to use fewer resources to produce more food.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is an innovative farming technique that involves growing plants in a nutrient-rich solution. No soil is required, and the water is misted with appropriate levels of nutrients. It’s an effective method in urban areas, rooftops, and places where space is limited. You need a system that allows air and water to circulate well for the plants to grow.

What You Need

There are various components that you need to set up a hydroponics system. These include:

  • Fresh water with a balanced pH: An expert can help you adjust the acidity or alkalinity of your water.
  • Oxygen: You will need to either install an air pump, buy an air stone, or leave spaces between the water reservoir and the base of your plants.
  • Water-soluble nutrients
  • Root support: You can use materials such as coconut fiber, peat moss, perlite, or vermiculite. Avoid materials like sand since they might compact.
  • Lighting system

For sophisticated and more advanced farms, you might need additional things such as CO2 supplementation.

Why Do You Need a Hydroponics System?

If you are a practical lover of farming, here are several reasons why you need a hydroponics system:

  • Soilless farming, no dirt: Hydroponics uses growing media such as vermiculite, peat moss, perlite, clay pellets, sawdust, Rockwool, coconut coir, and gravel.
  • It provides the roots with direct access to nutrients, oxygen, and water.
  • It produces higher yields
  • It uses fewer resources
  • Hydroponics systems are easy to troubleshoot
  • You can grow anywhere
  • It keeps you away from soil-borne diseases and weeds
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • You can grow a wide variety of crops all year round
  • Crops tend to grow faster
  • It facilitates a micro-climate
  • The system saves water

What are vertical gardens?

Vertical gardening is a technique that focuses on growing crops in layers in vertical suspended panels. It can take many forms, such as trellis and other innovative support methods, to train the plants to grow upwards. The structures can be freestanding or attached to different walls.

Benefits of Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening has a myriad of benefits, such as:

  • It’s space-efficient
  • Reduces pesticide use as there are fewer pests, diseases, and weeds
  • Plants tend to grow faster and larger
  • You can grow all year round
  • Plants have more exposure to the sun if set up outside
  • There is a more enhanced airflow
  • Adds beauty to your home
  • It’s easy to maintain

For hydroponics, what do we offer?

At Mazero Agrifood, we offer a wide range of hydroponics equipment which include:

  • Timers
  • Growing medium
  • Net pots
  • Water channel
  • Pump system
  • Distilled water
  • Nutrient solution

The components of the system may vary depending on your needs. We offer different types of hydroponic systems, such as:

  • Drip systems
  • Aeroponics
  • Ebb and flow systems
  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)
  • Deep Water Culture (DWC)
  • Nitrogen injection systems
  • Misting systems
  • Dissolved oxygen systems
  • Hybrid systems

What’s more?

To make your vertical gardening and hydroponics farming a success, we offer more exceptional services, which include:

  • Water collection and distribution
  • Irrigation pre-treatment
  • Wastewater management and treatment
  • Water sanitation and filtration
  • Nutrient injection
  • Crop and harvesting modeling


Generally, the costs for implementing hydroponics and vertical gardening are relatively higher than conventional farming.

Choosing the right system is critical to the success of your vertical and hydroponics gardening systems. At Mazero, we offer tailored solutions that suit your needs at competitive prices. Therefore, our pricing may vary depending on the package you want. Contact us for a custom package cost today!

For vertical gardens, we offer the following high-quality systems:

    • Freestanding vertical gardening systems
    • Multi-storey garden
    • Green facade
    • Living/green wall:
      1. Vegetated mat wall
      1. Modular green walls

Who Are We?

Mazero Agrifood is a leading supplier of irrigation, hydroponics, and vertical gardening systems. We aim to solve the land scarcity problem, alleviate pest and disease incidences, and enhance sustainability in agriculture. We provide cutting-edge hydroponic and vertical gardening systems to help you maximize production even on small parcels of land.

Mazero is engineered for excellence, and quality is in our DNA. Our team of experts will help you set up the system with a fully immersive design and advice you on how to make the best out of your farm. Besides, we offer certified organic products, coco peats, potting trays, and other farm inputs to help you create a more productive farm.

Whether you are looking for a new vertical or hydroponic garden or planning to expand your existing one, we will come up with a tailored solution for you. Create lush greenery in your office, walls, or any interior environment in your compound. Grow more crops and produce higher yields with Mazero’s systems.

Contact us today for your hydroponics and vertical gardening needs. Let’s get growing together!