Solar Irrigation Systems

You are a farmer, and you are looking for a way to scale up your irrigation needs. Or a home or property owner looking for an efficient and effective solution to water your lawn, trees, and landscaping plants. Well, you need an excellent system for your water needs. Solar irrigation is an environmentally-friendly and water-saving method that uses solar energy to power irrigation systems.

Why Choose Us?

Save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and achieve enhanced irrigation with us. At Mazero, we offer a wide range of efficient and long-lasting solar irrigation systems, including solar pumps, panels, and high-quality irrigation equipment such as drip and sprinkler systems.

Our solar irrigation systems are designed to work with your existing sprinkler or drip systems, so you will benefit from both. They are made from durable materials and can withstand harsh climatic conditions.

Our solar irrigation packages come in different sizes and features that fit to your irrigation needs. Besides, we offer to store solar energy for extended periods. Our systems stand out from other brands and are your perfect solution for all irrigation needs, such as lawns, allotments, gardens, greenhouses, and all farms.

What’s more?

  • We are licensed and insured
  • We are designed for efficiency
  • Mazero offers high-quality solar irrigation equipment
  • We are reliable and proven
  • Our team of experienced technicians offers you exceptional solar irrigation system installation, repair, flushing, testing, and maintenance services
  • Our quality equipment comes at a competitive pricing (We have a package for everyone).

Where should you use solar irrigation?

It’s a highly efficient and effective method for home gardens, commercial properties, and small and large farms. You can use it to water lawns, gardens, landscaping plants, trees, and all types of crops such as tomatoes, peppers, tomatoes, and fruit trees.

Why is irrigation important?

To maintain the lush greenery and beauty of your yard and produce the highest quality crops, you need an efficient way to apply water to the plants at the right time. The plants will wilt and dry up if the water is too little. If it’s too much, the plants drown, roots rot, and eventually die.

Solar irrigation enables farmers and property owners to apply water per the plant’s needs. Here are the benefits of our solar irrigation systems:

  • They are easy to set up, install, operate, and maintain
  • No fuel cost as it uses freely available sunshine
  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Increased and timely water supply
  • Long operating lifespan
  • Not affected by weather patterns
  • Eco-friendly
  • Less maintenance costs

Enjoy Affordable solar solutions: Our Pricing

At Mazero’s we tailor each service to fit your irrigation needs. The pricing of our solar solutions may vary depending on:

  • The solar panel rated capacity
  • Inverter power capacity
  • Solar battery capacity
  • Pump controller amperage rating
  • Electrical accessories required
  • Size of storage tanks required
  • Distance from the water source
  • Size of the farm
  • Installation area
  • Solar irrigation system configuration

Contact us at Mazero for a custom solar irrigation package pricing. Our team of experts will advise you on what you need. We are designed for decent work, climate action, and promoting your economic growth.

What we offer

Typical solar irrigation system

Mazero’s solar irrigation system is designed excellently and made up of:

  • Powerful PV solar panels
  • Solar water pump (Surface or submersible)
  • Solar cell array
  • Inverter
  • AC power pack
  • Solar batteries
  • Solar pump controllers
  • Water pipes
  • Water storage tank

Our batteries have a high capacity to keep the irrigation system running even when the sunlight intensity is weak.

Features of our solar irrigation systems

  • A wide range of input solar voltage
  • System protection features like built-in lightning protection, soft start and stop, and start self-detection.
  • Solar power variations adapted for low sunlight intensity
  • 24-hour functioning capability
  • GPS remote control
  • High MTTP efficiency
  • Automatic and unattended operation

Creating productive fields

MAZERO solar irrigation systems will help you transform improve crop yields and transform unused fields into productive farms. Creating an efficient irrigation infrastructure will help you deliver water to crops at the required time. At Mazero, we:

  • Help you irrigate anywhere
  • Work with what you have – we will tailor our solutions to work with what you have already, whether it’s sprinkler, drip, flood, or pivot irrigation systems. Our pumps offer unique features such as constant flow and pressure and high flows and pressures.
  • Offer you long-lasting solar irrigation systems (components such as seals and bearings last for extended periods).
  • Provide pumps that require little to no lubrication

Mazero Solar Irrigation Systems

People sometimes assume solar irrigation kits are only suited for large or developed farms. However, this is not the case. You will be surprised at their multiple benefits and efficiency in small farms, property yards, and large farms.

Enhance your irrigation needs by using our exceptional systems.

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