Dam liners are referred to a long term property since they are long lasting and can serve for the longest period due to their durability. They are also UV treated and ensure there is no leakages or water loss through evaporation. We have dam liners with different thickness from 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 0.1mm

A dam liner can be used in;

-Harvesting water and also storing for later usage. The water stored could be used for irrigation purposes and domestic use. Due to the unreliable and change in weather patterns, dam liners are playing a major role in ensuring that the farmer always have water their crops.

-They can also be used for fish rearing which tends to be a high productive business.

– Silage making Hydroponics agriculture
– Multi storey gardening
– As gutters in greenhouse construction

Below is the costing of dam liner materials;

Thickness Price per square meter
0.5m 240
0.75 300
1.0mm 380