Greenhouse cover or greenhouse polythene sheet is a special plastic film that is used to cover a greenhouse, thereby separating the outside environment from inside. Unlike polycarbonate or glass panels, greenhouse plastic (polyethylene) needs to be stretched and attached to the greenhouse’s frame. It needs to be pulled tight to prevent the wind from blowing it around and possibly ripping and tearing it apart. Some of its properties include:

  • High transmission in the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) bandwidth.
  • Good heat retention at night.
  • Low transmission of UV light.
  • Durability.
  • Low maintenance costs.

Our greenhouse polyethylene cover come in the thickness of 200 microns at only Kes 100 per square meter


Types of Greenhouse polyethylene sheet

Greenhouse polyethylene sheets come in two colours, mainly clear (sometimes referred as white) and yellow. The choice of colour will depend on the crop grown.

  • White greenhouse films (for vegetables) are ideal for farms in high altitudes or areas with extremely low temperatures. They have slightly higher temperatures at night than outside. They are ideal for vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicums,
  • Yellow greenhouse films are ideal for high altitudes and lower temperatures. They have excellent anti drip and anti-fog properties. It is highly recommended for cucumber growers and multi colored plants, mainly flowers


Advantages of greenhouse polyethylene

It’s extremely eco-friendly

Bio-based polyethylene is perfect for those who are looking to reduce the number of carbon emissions they create in the world, lower their overall energy consumption and protect the environment.

 Lower Initial Investment

As the cheapest of all greenhouse covering options, polyethylene keeps your initial costs low, which is excellent for operations of all sizes. 

Easier Setup and Maintenance

Even for someone with limited expertise, polyethylene greenhouses are relatively easy to build, cutting setup costs and labor. Antistatic film additives reduce dust and moisture buildup on the film, which means less time spent maintaining the greenhouse.

Better Functional Properties

Compared to other greenhouse options, polyethylene is proven to be the most effective heat insulator with cost savings of up to 40% versus alternative options. With ultraviolet additives, polyethylene is also the most efficient light transmitter of all the alternatives. Since the film is a breathable material with a high oxygen transmission rate, it will allow for better airflow within the greenhouse than the other impermeable options.


Disadvantages of using polyethylene sheet

 Prone to Wind Damage

Although polyethylene holds strong against most wear-and-tear, it is particularly susceptible to wind damage, making it unsuitable for applications in windy locations. However, you can lessen these effects by installing a two-layer covering with an air pocket between the two layers.

Increased Replacement

Over time, the film begins to yellow, tear and becomes less effective. The only option at this point is a total replacement. A polyethylene greenhouse’s typical lifespan is about four years.


Why we recommend greenhouse polyethylene cover to farmers

  • Longer growing seasons as the sun’s radiation are trapped in the structure, therefore, retaining the heat hence ensuring they can be used even in a cold climate
  • More plant options. You can grow a variety of plants as it provides an environment to experiment with new plants that are not found in the local area
  • Weather protection ensures your crops do grow all year long that guarantying productivity
  • Pest and destructive animal protection. The safety of your crops ensures returned yields
  • Saves energy and investment.

In conclusion, it is well evident that plastic is one of the best choices to make when it comes to construction or purchase of a greenhouse. However, while looking for plastic material make sure to choose the best supplier who can assure of the best quality product in the market. Mazero Agrifood, we supply quality and durable greenhouse cover at affordable price, we also have qualified personnel in construction of greenhouses. Contact us today on 0729777711.


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