Onion plants require adequate water to produce high yields, but it doesn’t take much over watering for your onions to become diseased and rot in the ground.

Onion plant watering can be a tricky business. Too little water and the size and quality of the bulbs suffer; too much water and the plants are left open to fungal disease and rot. Onions need consistent irrigation to prevent drought and water-logging, your crop succumbs to rot if it sits in soggy soil. As a solution, drip watering uses a system of tubing or tape that allows water to seep into the soil without wetting foliage that may cause disease. Drip irrigation reduces your water consumption and provides a more accurate way to irrigate your onion crop for a large yield.


Why choose drip irrigation

Since onions have a shallow root system, frequent irrigation is the best way to achieve high yields and uniform bulbs. This makes drip irrigation a no-brainer for onion growers. When irrigating with drip, water goes directly to the roots, leaving the leaves dry. Lack of leaf moisture significantly reduces foliar diseases such as Downey Mildew or Peronospora, minimizing crop loss.

Most onions require about 30 inches of water per season to grow a good crop with drip irrigation. The key is to provide about 0.3 – 0.4 inches/day – drip irrigation is the best way to apply small amounts of water frequently. It’s important to maintain good soil moisture during the 8th leaf stage which is when bulb formation begins. Good moisture monitoring will result in increased yields, single centers, and better storage conditions.


What the farmer needs to do

When installing drip, a farmer needs to first prepare beds that are 30cm high and 1m wide. In a single bed, 3 drip lines are recommended that have 15cm emitter spacing. A technician is supposed to make a pre-visit to the farm to take measurements in order to know the right quantity of materials required for drip installation.

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Drip irrigation prices for onions


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